Season 1 IS SOLD OUT

REVEAL on November 24
6 pm Eastern Time


Welcome to the Retirement Club!


The Party Grandpa is an exclusive collection of 10,000 Grandpas. They are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS.

With more than 180 hand designed traits, each Grandpa is unique and comes with a membership to the Retirement Club. Grandpa want all the holders to enjoy life with them. So find the Grandpa who suits you and get a chance to win $200,000 to go on retirement together!

Get retired with us!


2077, apes invaded the metaverse. The last 10,000 humans have decided to set up a club there to share the memories of a world that once celebrated life. All the members will have various benefits like monthly interest and access to exclusive events. Get Retired with us.


10 Rare & 13 Honorary Grandpas

They're absolutely unique and our artist put her heart into drawing them, one by one!



CHAMPAGNE PARTY Relax and have a glass of champagne and let the Grandpa's Party begin! A $100,000 fund has been created to finance the community's creations, designs, and marketing development along with a community wallet.
RAFFLE PARTIES - 5 Party Grandpa NFTs will be randomly given once we have reached a number of 5000 members on Discord.
- 5 Party Grandpa NFTs + $2,000 will be randomly given once we have reached 10000 members on Discord.
- 5 Party Grandpa NFTs + $5,000 will be randomly given once we have reached 20000 members on Discord.
- 10 Party Grandpa NFTs + $5,000 will be randomly given once we have reached 30000 members on Discord.
- 20 Party Grandpa NFTs + $5,000 will be randomly given once we have reached 40000 members on Discord.
- 5 Party Grandpa NFTs + $5000 + 100 Presales for our Huge Giveaway on our Social Media.
RETIREMENT PARTY All out access to an EXCLUSIVE retirement club program.
- Including monthly meetups around the world (conventions, business meetings, training programs, cryptocurrencies, investments).
- Exclusive access to monthly social events around the world.
- Free access to special Events like Coachella, Tomorrowland, Burning Man, Ultra Music Festival.
- One lucky holder will be randomly selected each month to win a prize worth $1000 in ETH.
- That's not all, the lucky owners of our 12 SPECIAL EDITION Grandpas will get a monthly reward of $1,000.
MINT PARTY Stick around for THE biggest moment of the evening: minting your Grandpa! For an extra surprise: the official date of next season's Mint party will also be released. So anyone who has held their NFT since the beginning will be offered a season two NFT free of charge.
SECRET PARTY BE READY for our ultimate project: win $120,000 and retire! For a chance to win the $120,000 prize, you will have to hold onto your Grandpa until the winner is revealed, just a few days after our mint event.


GRANDPA PARTY All Grandpas are now sold out! To welcome all our holders, we will organize THE First Grandpa's PARTY, in NYC. FOR AN EXTRA BONUS: 12 lucky winners will receive an all expense paid trip, including flights and 5* hotel. What a great opportunity to start your retirement. From January 2022, a monthly party will be organized with the location voted by you, our very own holders themselves. Fancy a party in Vegas? Miami? Paris? London? Dubai? Then, let's do it!
THE ULTIMATE PROJECT WINNER Be Ready! The winner of the $120,000 will be chosen and revealed to the holders' group!
CHARITY RETIREMENT In the Retirement Club, our goal is to make sure you are enjoying the festivities while making sure not to forget those who are in need. For this reason, we will be offering $50,000 to a charity that helps the elderly in need. This charity will also be voted by our holders.
OUR REWARD PROGRAM PARTY Dear holders, some special extras have been hidden in the program. All special NFT holders will receive some extraordinary and unique gifts which will be disclosed after the announcement. We know the value of our community and for this reason, all holders who have been a part of the mint project from day one will be automatically placed in our Reward program.
- One month loyalty: you will be able to join DAILY RAFFLES. EVERY DAY, you can participate in a raffle for a chance to win 1 NFT from our collection at floor price.
- Three months loyalty: your NFT is finally arriving home. You will receive a printed 39” edition of your NFT directly delivered to your doorstep.
- Six months loyalty: we will release the community wallet created at the beginning of your adventure through a token with 60% of the second market royalties redistributed to all holders.
MARKETING CAMPAIGNS After investing over $500,000 in marketing campaigns for our sale launch, we will continue our investing mission. The 40% left from the secondary market royalties will be FULLY used to sweep the floor and continue marketing. This will drastically increase the value of your NFTs. We believe the best way to do this is by planning multiple advertising campaigns, even after the initial sale is over. Don't panic! Get ready as season 2 is coming and we have already started working on a new party plan!
RETIREMENT INCOME As a strong Party Grandpa, you can stake your Grandpa and earn monthly rewards for your stakes. Every second-market transaction is entitled to a 10% royalty. 60% of the second market royalties are paid out to all Party Grandpas holders on a monthly basis. Those fees will be directly credited to our holders through a token, with a monthly deposit into their wallet. Sounds like an amazing retirement plan, right?
AFTER PARTY We're all united through our Grandpas; therefore, the party will never end. Be ready for season 2, with lots of upcoming surprises! Our Grandpas need a little nap to be ready for the next party which promises to be even crazier, noisier and more extravagant than the last one, making sure everyone (even wild apes) wants to join this Retirement club!


Created by a strong team of digital moguls, the Retirement Club team is made up of experienced entrepreneurs, artists, blockchain experts, and senior marketing specialists.

Our commitment as a unique team in this incredible project goes beyond a successful mint, but towards the creation of a unified community around a product that is appreciated and of which it takes full advantage.

Grandpa John

Grandpa John

Co-founder and Community Expert
Granny Bruny

Granny Bruny

Co-founder and Business Expert
Grandpa Clint

Grandpa Clint

Co-founder and Digital Expert
Grandpa Kev

Grandpa Kev

Co-founder and Marketing Expert
Grandpa Mike

Grandpa Mike

Blockchain Developer and Advisor
Grandpa Boris

Grandpa Boris

NFT Advisor
Grandpa Dan

Grandpa Dan

Communication Manager
Granny Zaza

Granny Zaza

Talented Artist