Welcome to the Retirement Club!


The Degenerate Granny is the season 2 of the Retirement Club, an exclusive collection of 6,000 Grandmas. They are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS.

With more than 180 hand designed traits, each Grandma is unique and comes with a membership to the Retirement Club. Grandma want all the holders to enjoy life with them. So find the Grandma who suits you and get a chance to win $25,000 (4 winners) to go on retirement together!

Get retired with us!


2077, after the grandpas took over the Ape invasion, the last 6000 grandmas have decided to join them to share memories of a world than once celebrated life. All the members, Grandpas and Grandmas will have various benefits like monthly interest and access to exclusive events. Get Retired with us.


18 Rare & 11 Honorary Grandmas

They're absolutely unique and our artist put her heart into drawing them, one by one!



WELCOME Welcome to the Degenerates Grannies.It’s officially live Now! The degenerates’ granny collection has been launched, season 2 of the Retirement Club. To finance the launch, a $200,000 equity fund was generated.
RAFFLE PARTIES - 5 Whitelist to the presale will be randomly given once we have reached 70,000 members on Discord.
- 5 Whitelist to the presale will be randomly given once we have reached 80,000 members on Discord.
- 5 Whitelist to the presale will be randomly given once we have reached 90,000 members on Discord.
- 20 Whitelist to the presale and 10 NFTs will be randomly given once we have reached 100,000 members on Discord.
- 5 NFT + 5.000$ + 15 Whitelist for the Presales for our Huge Giveaway on our Instagram
- 5 NFT + 5.000$ + 15 Whitelist for the Presales for our Huge Giveaway on our Tik tok.
- 5 NFT + 5.000$ + 15 Whitelist for the Presales for our Huge Giveaway on our Twitter.
MINT INFORMATION Our community is our TOP PRIORITY. That's why:
- All minters from season 1 who have not sold or listed any NFT, will get a specified and GUARANTEED number of free mint according to their #role-information. Diamond hands will get 1 free mint, Babyboomers will get 2 free mint, Seniors will get 4 free mint, Veterans will get 6 free mint and Whales will get 10 free mint.
- The public whitelist will be LIMITED to a maximum of 300 seats, 80 of which will be via our raffle parties. The mint will be limited to 2 NFT. The price will be the same as the public mint price.
- The private whitelist will be accessible to 300 holders (via original mint or redemption via Opensea) MAXIMUM. The number of mint will be limited according to the number of NFT in possession. Whales will be able to buy as they wish, as well as veterans (within the limit of the number of NFT ownership). The price will be the same as the public mint price.
- The public sale will take place 3 hours after the presale opening.
SEASON 3 PREVIEW You all are eagerly waiting for it; we will unveil, in the video, the first preview of season 3 entitled ....
This collection will be available ONLY via breeding and *no public sale will take place*.
MINT Stick around for THE biggest moment of the evening: minting your Grandma!


TOKEN To celebrate the launch of the degenerates grannies, we decided to launch our own Token. Every 15 days, each holder will receive a pre-defined amount of token according to the number of NFT held.
Big Giveaway & Charity Unlike our previous season, there will be 4 grand prize winners, each of whom will walk away with $25,000. However, these winners won't be the only ones. $25,000 will be donated towards a women's violence prevention organization.
Online Store Your TOKEN takes on a whole new meaning! The official Retirement Club store opens its doors: more than 100 diverse items in the RC colors, tickets to the most exclusive sporting events in the world, tickets to the biggest music festivals and many other things will be available on the store. The only payment method accepted will be your new favorite Token.
Shareholders Your Token and your favorite online store become even more meaningful! The Retirement Club is now owned by a registered company, with 20% of the shares belonging to the community! You are now Retirement Club shareholders!
Your NFTs will come to life and integrate an amazing virtual open-world ! We have taken part in the development of a virtual world, the purchase of land in the Metaverse and the creation of game(s) dedicated to NFT/Metaverse with renowned main actors (Sandbox, MANA, TGC etc...).
Every holders will have access to this exclusive living world with their NFTs.
We celebrate love Your NFT celebrate Valentine's Day with the arrival of the last member of the family.
* The Growth Roadmap of the Degenerate Granny is ONLY based on a sell-out of the 6000 NFTs.

Frequently Asked Questions

NFT means NON-FUNGIBLE TOKEN. It's a digital asset that represents real-world objects like art, music, in-game items and videos. They are bought and sold online, most frequently with cryptocurrency, and they are generally encoded with the same underlying software as many cryptos.

The Metaverse refers to a shared virtual experience where land, avatars and names can be bought and sold, often using cryptocurrency. The future is phasing into the Retirement Club's roadmap which will allow you to join this Metaverse by using and buying your own assets.

Your Grandma was lonely and needed company, who better than a Degenerate Granny?

A grand total of 6,000 NFTs will be available. 15 NFTs will be used for our competitions and giveaways and 200 NFTs will be used for all the people involved in the project, promotions and partnerships.

The price of a Grandma will be announced just a few days before the launch.

Yes, we will be holding a presale just a few hours prior to the public launch for our Whitelist members. Please join our Discord to learn more about how to join our Whitelist. These spots will be very limited, so get there fast.

You can mint your NFT directly on our website on the official Mint Page. All you will need is to use your ETH Wallet to mint your Grandma.

The min will take place on December 21 at 6 pm Easter Time.

Yes, there's a maximum of 2 NFTs that can be minted in the public presale stage to allow everyone a chance of getting one. The details for current Grandpa's holders is announced in the roadmap. As for the public sale, you can mint as much as you want!

15 are reserved for competitions and giveaways, and 200 for the team and all the partners involved in the project.

Once you have minted a Grandma NFT, you will be able to see it by connecting to your crypto wallet using OpenSea.

Yes, it will have multiple uses. The first one allowing you to claim your exclusive merchandising. Secondly, you will be able to participate in many monthly raffles to try and win cash, festival tickets and much more depending on how long you have had your NFT for.

The announcement will take place 48h after the public sale has started.

We decided that the royalties will be 10%. The amount will be used for the development and marketing of the collection and to continuously increase the value of the collection for the holders of the retirement club

Grandma's rarity list will be revealed after the OpenSea listing.

The 4 winners will be revealed a few days before the public sale goes live.

If you own a Grandpa, you will automatically be a member of the Club.

Just after the announcement, we will draw 4 numbers between 1 an 6,000. If the owners of these NFT is the same person that is holding this NFT, then this person will win the $25,000 prize money. So don't forget that you need to hold onto your NFT until the winner is revealed! Example: If you minted the NFT #5654, you own it, and we draw this number, you will win the $25,000. If you minted, yet you have sold it before the announcement, we will have to draw another number instead.


Created by a strong team of digital moguls, the Retirement Club team is made up of experienced entrepreneurs, artists, blockchain experts, and senior marketing specialists.

Our commitment as a unique team in this incredible project goes beyond a successful mint, but towards the creation of a unified community around a product that is appreciated and of which it takes full advantage.

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Grandpa Clint

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